Wednesday 10 April 2019

#8/2019 The President Is Missing

I was immediately intrigued when I saw the cover and who the authors are. A political thriller written by a former PotUS at least holds a promise of accurate representation of how different pieces in the administration work together.
It's a story of a major cyber attack threat against the US. I like the way that the concept of "Internet of things" as a development in technology that can be used to effectively shut down the entire nation. While these aspects are presented in a coherent and well structured way, the language often feels a tad harsh, not well refined. It is really hard to come up with ideas that could be used for showing cyber threats in this modern technology-driven world and I liked the way the characters of Augie and Nina are introduced. Still, for the most part the novel failed to keep me involved and I found myself passively following the plot without being absorbed in it.

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