Monday 30 December 2019

#26/2019 Bestiariusz Słowianski

A complex and thorough walkthrough of Slavic ghosts, mythical creatures and all the faerie beings you can think of. Definitely a must for all fantasy fans interested in Slavic legends.
I got this “Slavic beastiary” a couple of years ago but somehow never got round to reading it. And it was a mistake. Reading it now as I’m spending short holidays with my family at the cottage house in the middle of nowhere adds to the charm. It’s also beautifully illustrated and the descriptions of mythical creatures are short and filled with folklore. A lot of it goes back to the times when simple people tried to justify what they didn’t understand with concepts that were somehow tangible, and it is surprising that some of those beliefs are still prevalent. Also, it goes without saying that a lot of these tales were major source of inspiration for the author of Witcher.

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