Tuesday 4 February 2020

Age of Sigmar debut

I’ve never been a huge fan of AoS Stormcast Eternals minis. Nonetheless, after painting pretty much only Malifaux minis for a number of years, I felt I needed a short break. I bought a couple of Stormcast minis and decided to paint them using colors and techniques that I don’t typically try.

It also gave me a chance to finally try new (at least new for me) metallic paints from the Citadel Range. While I used the standard gold and blue color scheme I couldn’t really help following my gritty painting style. Working on golden armor was a major challenge and I’ve used a number of washes and glazes (both acrylic and oil) to really emphasize it as a central focal point of the mini.

Overall, a very pleasant experience and a welcome change. I plan to take it one step further with the next Stormcast and use NMM on armor (something I haven’t done before).

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