Monday 25 May 2020

As ugly as can be - the Geryon

Those are probably the ugliest minis I’ve ever painted from Malifaux range. Grotesquely mutated, hulking giants. The Geryon actually make me think of cancerous growth as depicted in Don Hertzfeldt’s “Rejected”. Painting them was a bit tricky as I needed to come up with a color scheme that would make the main surface there look more three-dimensional. Their skin doesn’t have really well defined structure, it is mostly flat surface with major muscles and some folds in the fatty parts visible. I went for a blueish pale skin tone to match the other models with “Savage” range I’ve painted with some darker shades around areas where there is additional growth of limbs/heads. Plenty of glazes/washes along the way. Oil Brushers from MiG were used to finish things off and give the highlights a smoother look. 

Fun fact - in Greek mythology Geryon was a fearsome giant, often considered a monster with three heads and one body, while other sources describe him as having three bodies as well (Wiki).

And while we're at it - I also managed to put some paint on this Alternative Guild Sargent, really mean looking lady. It felt nice to paint a "normal" human after all these robots and mutated giants.

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