Wednesday 26 May 2010

LOST no more

I know it's not hobby-related but still a thought that I'd write a few words of comment to the last episode of this TV series. I've been watching it from the very beginning. The first season was... great. Well written by the producers, intriguing, mysterious, and surprising. The final cliffhanger(light coming from the hatch) was epic. The second season was also quite good but there were so many twists to the plot that it became difficult to understand it all. Still, it wasn't bad and for me it could have ended there.

And the remaining four seasons - well, they were some good episodes mixed with some that were simply terrible. If the first two seasons hadn't been so successful the rest probably wouldn't even have been created. Anyway, I kept on watching it out of habit, hoping that the ending might somehow make up for the time spent as well as the time wasted on watching all of the six seasons. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just another disappointment. The whole quasi-religious thing they came up with is just a 'universal' explanation that is a convenient way of saying "we knew from the beginning how it would end". Too bad that in light of it everything that happened on the island; time travel, Dharma initiative experiments, conflicts with 'the Others', supernatural powers, the smoke thingy, polar bears, etc. all mean nothing.

I think that this clip nicely summarises LOST, a TV series that could have been great but ended up being overly complicated and way too long (though I'm sure that the profits were good until the very end). Spoilers abound so don't watch it if you haven't seen the final episode yet.

Also, if you enjoyed or at least used to enjoy watching LOST, I recommend checking out Jimmy Kimmel's Aloha to LOST special - nice to see most of the cast in the studio.

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