Sunday 19 September 2010

Deep Purple

As Haldir said in one of the earlier posts, we've both been pretty busy recently. I started working full time as a teacher. Together with my second job at the language school and private tutoring and all the red tape (I never imagined there's so much of it in public school), it meant that I haven't had much free time... I teach 8 different classes at school and even though it's a job that I like, it was quite time-consuming initially. Especially taking into the fact that I needed a while to collect cash from the students and order the course books. Life of a teacher is sooo much easier with them :)

Anyway, here's a unit I've been working on recently. I basically speedpainted them using mainly Vallejo permanent metallic colors and citadel purples. I was aiming at a method to paint them quickly but at the same time to maintain a solid tabletop look. I thought that this break away from the traditional color scheme and a touch of purple would add some life to these guys. Well, life may no be the most appropriate word here but you know what I mean ;)

I still have four more grunts to complete the unit and Lord Tartarus to lead it into the fray. I like these minis, the fact that they are multi part means that it's relatively easy to have several different positions.

In the meanwhile I will be working on a large commission...

Lots of Lotr minis, some really nice sculpts (Khandish chariots, Abrakhan Guard, many Easterlings and a few others). I will probably start with the Khandish infantry so expect an update soon.

And to finish off, here's a song from a band which name is somehow related to the color scheme on my Bane knights.

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  1. I really like the purple on the one on the far right of the 1st picture alot, and their faces are very well done! :)
    Ace job!


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