Tuesday 14 September 2010

Counting Blue Cars

Long awaited update I hope. Life kinda' caught up with both, Viruk and myself, hence our lack of activity on blog. Anyway here's an insight into the Ultramarines Army I'm currently commissioned to work on.

I finished the first tactical according to client's wishes and guidlines. I cut 3 of them to form some different leg poses. Also I juggled some ideas for arms and heads, mixing in with some Sanguinary Guard parts.

You can see that Sergant's banner is not finished, I still have to come up with some ideas for heraldry.

Another thing you might notice is the same 'tactical arm pad' painted on each mini, with small '1' on it. It's an additional feature to unique Roman number every one of those minis have. To help identify them as one unit and still allow to mix and match various squads.

Also I know that powersword on leader isn't anatomically possible ...or is it ;) We're talking about 7 feet tall dudes with two hearts. I think that this overkill shows how badass they are, plus it's lovely part in terms of sculpture :)

And for the music corner. Chosen by relavance to the dominant colour in the set. 1996 hit by Dishwalla


  1. The blues look nice and clean, the off white shoulder pads are really cool and the addition of the razor wire is a great touch. Nice job all around! :)

  2. our use of color takes my breath away, Marta. This is gorgeous.


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