Tuesday 31 August 2010

Mordor and Marines

Time for some update on my project. Both are again commission related. Firstly the end of previous one with the Mordor force. Since I've already posted some pics of Morgul Knights I'll just skip to rest of company

Some Command with Witch-King, Morgul's Banner and musician

The Tainted and Castellans

Dark Marshall and The Undying

Another one that comes around. Test Marine for Ultramarines Army that can be commissioned to me. Client saw Terminators I painted and decided that he really like the scheme.

And for the music corner...I selected some piece that should wrap up "Black part" of my commissions, plus it fits Space Marines theme with all that sci-fi ;)


  1. Nice! I'll have to pick up some of the "advanced" Ringwraiths someday.

  2. Really liking the Tainted's paint scheme!! Very, very cool!!

  3. One of the most advanced Nazgs I've ever seen. Can't wait to see 'em all together.

  4. I love the Tainted in particular, how did you do the green exactly? :)

  5. Really easy. Just use Vallejo Military Green and Scorpion Green from GW's pallette. Highlight with White ;)

  6. Ah, thanks for that!

    I've got my one to paint sometime you see. :p

  7. I love the molten lava you added to the base, great job.


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