Friday 20 August 2010

Hey there,

Once again I'm unwinding my skills in painting black. Man I'm beginnig to develop sort of character noir thing :) Anyway I really hit off with latest commission and it's safe to say I'm more than halfway done.

Right now parts that are almost finished are : Castellans x3, Dark Marshall x1, as usual they still wait for some washes and dust plus varnishing but I guess you're used to it by now ;)

Other part i.e Morgul Knights, still need some glazes and washes over black parts, but they're mostly done I guess maybe some highlights will be added I haven't decided yet. Also their metallics seem quite nice to me, but it's up to commissioner to decide on that matter ;)

On the end note I can't help myself with some creative finish, so here's tune that will best express what's the main thought of this entry ;)



  1. What no "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones?

    My Black has gotten pretty tight but I like to go for a kinda surrealistic look sometimes. Foundry Charcoal Black Triad is my secret weapon.

  2. I shall look into it :D And Paintit black has already been used :D So was Back in Black by AC/DC :D

  3. 'Paint it Black' Rolling Stones...c'mon! :( colors anymore I want them to turn black...

    These are looking great brother! The Castellans look very well done! :)

  4. Come on guys :D I don't want to double post topics :)


  5. "Come on guys :D I don't want to double post topics :)"
    LOL...we love ya! :)

  6. What colors and how did you paint them robes? Please do tell! D;

  7. ;)Now seriously, Black by Vallejo Model Colour, US Bluegray Pale and Primer White both also from VMC range. Plus some small amout of Badab Black Wash and glaze done with Liche Purple.

  8. Thank you, kid sir! I've been starting on a Ringwraith recently.
    Do you use the Bluegray for dry brushing or do you use it to paint over the black?

  9. Gradually adding it to black for subsequent highlights ;)

  10. Thank you so much! :3

  11. Back again,
    I've been re-doing some layers on my Ringwraith and Castellans using the bluegray pale with black but I still can't seem to get that blue-ish hue that you have. I understand that the badab and liche glaze is supposed to bring it out but I seem to be doing something wrong.
    What order should I be doing them in? Or should I try oxford blue instead?

    I apologize for being so nosy, it's just that I love what you did to the robes and want to try it out on my models.

  12. Sir Haldir, pardon my curiosity as well but is that 905 BlueGrey Pale or 907 Pale GreyBlue for the capes?


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