Wednesday 18 August 2010

Happily ever after

Long time no see... Well, during the last couple of weeks I've been probably the busiest but at the same time the happiest guy around.
First off, I was working on my thesis, defended it and moved back to my hometown. There I worked on the renovation of the flat for me and my fiancée, whom I married a little later.

All of that, all the work involved in the preparation took a lot of time and much effort so we were more than happy when we left for two weeks of our honeymoon.
So, instead of converting and painting minis I've been busy painting and preparing things like these.
I've also managed to prepare a new workspace. I didn't have too much space so I wanted to make sure I use all that was available to me efficiently. I ended up creating this:

As you can see, there's still a lot of space left. I figured I should leave some for the paints I plan to buy in the future (including the whole Reaper master series range). I'm still looking for a relatively small glass-case that could be used for keeping minis in order. But this will have to wait.

So that's it. Been there, done that and returned a happier and more complete man. Now, before I become more sentimental than necessary I guess I'll finish off this small update. Next time some minis will be involved. Until then, take care.



  1. Very nice and organized. While you're waiting for a proper glass-case, you could always snag one of the paint pot shelves to hold your smaller minis waiting their turn to be painted.

  2. Congrats on the marriage brother! :)

  3. What a nice space! Mine is cluttered beyond belief.


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