Tuesday 10 August 2010

Links & Commissions

A bit commercial beginning of this post, I hope you'll forgive me.

I'll start with links from CMON for Ultramarines Terminators you've seen :

Terminator no. 1 - http://coolminiornot.com/256352
Terminator no. 2 - http://coolminiornot.com/256351
Terminator no. 3 - http://coolminiornot.com/256350
Terminator no. 4 -http://coolminiornot.com/256349
Terminator no. 5 -http://coolminiornot.com/256348

Next is the link to my eBay auctions where you can find them : eBay auctions

Now, back to the painting issue. I'm now working on some commissions I recieved last week. First one consists of Grimbold's Command, Black Root Valley Archers Command, The Undying , The Betrayer, Duinhir, Faramir Ranger, Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark and Boromir CotWT.

So far after 3 days I've managed to 'finish' more then half , still they need some finishing washes, glazes, some dust plus varnishing.

Next commission that arrived today will consist of 6 plastic Morgul Knights (yet again), The Undying, The Tainted, Dark Marshall and three of Castellans of Dol Guldur. So it will be black couple of days yet again.

And finally small project that I launched myself. Boromir Captain of the White Tower mounted with Banner of Minas Tirith. Mini that has been waiting 3 years I believe to be painted. :D


  1. wow those terminators are awesome! and that WiP Boromir is really original (the base is really well done with the stream under the horse's legs)

  2. Grimbold's Command and Boromir are outstanding!!
    Excellent job! :)

  3. Excellent work as always. I really like the hair of Grimbold's Command. What colours do you use to gain the final effect? Hair is my nightmare, when I want to paint any warrior of Rohan :(


  4. Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone, that's whole secret ;)

  5. Out of curiosity, which blue is that on Sir Umbar?


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