Wednesday 13 October 2010

Far East Band

Having a very limited access to the Internet is a pain in the neck. Still, it's better than no access at all. My Internet provider has failed to deliver for more than two weeks now and I ended up borrowing a mobile device from my brother. So yes, I'm back online though the speed of my connection is terribly slow...

Anyway, I managed to paint part of a big commission that I'm currently working on. First off, the Khandish Warriors. Pretty nice minis with great details. Still, I smile when I try to imagine myself running with a banner like that attached to my back. These minis remind me of Mongol warriors, similar style of helmets and clothes. The cavalry in particular, but this will be a topic for a separate update.

I used my old trusted Andrea black set for their clothes and mixed vallejo game red with model (flat red) red for the helmets and banners. Somehow, I've never felt comfortable using GW blood red. It dries too quickly (even on a wet palette) and the paint needs several carefully laid layers to look decent.

I also managed to finish a small group of Abrakhan Guard. I like the concept - no other minis from this range of minis are sculpted similarly. I like working with GW purples so it felt nice to work with liche purple and warlock purple. These colors nicely complement each other and it's fairly easy to create smooth highlights using these two.

The Golden King of Harad is another example of interesting concept and a very decent sculpt. My wife said that his pose and his mask remind her of some of the common images of death. I guess there is some truth in it as the mini has a slightly menacing look to it.

Now, onto the Easterlings - a solid group of twenty infantrymen is waiting to be painted. It shouldn't take too long as I will only need to focus on the two dominant colors - gold and red.

And here's one of the songs that was in my head when I was working on these minis:


  1. Oh wow! The skin tones on the Abrakhan Guard are simply stunning!!

  2. Hi I was just wondering how you did the bases I think they look great

  3. Thanks for the comment :) The bases were painted using simple drybrush. The Khandish warriors were first painted with scorched brown, which was then given a drybrush of khemri brown, dheneb stone and bleached bone. With Abrakhan Guard I started with Scorched Brown too, following with bestial brown, snakebite leather and bleached bone.

  4. Do u mean bestial brown snakebite leather and bleached bone all toghether or one after the other

  5. One after another, making sure that the darker color was still visible while applying a drybrush with a brighter one.


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