Tuesday 26 October 2010

Work in Progress

I thought I'd post a quick update on what I'm currently working on. So, here they are, 20 Easterling warriors painted as part of a larger commission.

At his point the gold metallics are pretty much done. I have to say that I simply love paints from the Vallejo liquid gold range. These are great time savers, but also work extremely well with regular acrylic paints/washes. I started off with a solid basecoat of old gold, followed by some drybrushing using brighter shades of gold and a final, very light touch of mithril siver. After that, I washed it with devlan mud. The characters (captains/heroes) were given one more touch of mithril silver, followed by leviathan purple and thraka green washes. This is supposed to give the armor some more definition. Works pretty well in my opinion,though the pictures (especially at this stage) do not do the painting justice.

Having dealt with armor I moved on to their clothes. I started by giving them a solid coat of mechrite red. This function as a base, from which I gradually worked the color up to finish with Flat Red (Vallejo model color). I find working with reds a bit time-consuming but I guess that after laying a couple of layers of each highlight the colors look decent.

I will move on to painting their shoes and belts next. They should be ready in a couple of days. The bases are dark at this stage but this will be improved as I plan to add some bright static grass. The rims will be painted with dark brown, which should also add some warmth.

It's a typical speed painting job for me. I work on a larger batch of minis simultaneously to move on with the commission faster. This requires some compromises as it's hard to maintain top-notch quality of painting in this way. Still, I try to use at east a few highlights for each color.


  1. Those Easterlings are looking good, good to see another person using the Vallejo metallic range, cos they are awesome

  2. The reds are looking fantastic!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've painted quite a few lotr minis that have red as a dominant color (such as, mahud warriors, haradrim warriors) and I think I have come up with an efficient way of achieving a decent result.
    @Skartooth's Miniatures - I'll drink to that, these paints rock!


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