Monday 29 November 2010

Winter Wonderland

Finally some time to post something up. Due to massive load of "time wasters" such as University etc. I'm not currently working on anything new. Nonetheless I'll post some pics that are 3 months old right now. It was supposed to be my entry for O-R Awards and as such it was held in dark corners of my archives not to spoil initial "wow effect", but since Awards are postponed indefinitely I'll work on something new ;)

Here's a compilation of pictures of Two Towers version of Haldir a.k.a the Helm's Deep Haldir.

And here's a link to that piece on CMON so you could leave your rating there ;)

As for traditional music finish. Since Viruk took my all time favourite in his previous entry, I'll use second best for what's going out there ;)


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