Wednesday 4 May 2011

Back in Mordor (III)

A bit more progress on the nasty orcsss from Mordor. I've painted their clothes. I used various shades of black, brown/white and red. I had a chance to try my latest purchase - Andrea Red set. I'm extremely happy with it. The consistency of paints is perfect, the coverage is very good (two thin layers and you get a solid color). I've often struggled with red but this pain set makes life so much easier and I'm definitely going to stick to it in the future.

So, yes - another recommendation of Andrea products from me and no - they're not paying me for it and I'm not employed by the company. I'm simply sharing my impressions of a great product. I can't wait until the new green set is available from a Polish store where I always order these paints - JAMA, I cannot recommend it enough.
Now, back to the orcs. They're slowly beginning to look like an army. I still need to do a lot to finish them. Boots and all the leather straps (plenty of them on these guys) are next in line. I'll follow with painting the wooden elements and the skin (I plan to use 3-4 different skin tones). I'll be happy if I manage to deal with that by the end of the week. If I manage to do it, the rest is a a piece of cake.

I know the pic isn't good but I want to show the overall progress rather than focus on the details. I'll take better pictures once they're finished. The Mordor-like look that I'm striving for will be achieved in the final stage when I start working with dry pigments and until then what I'm presenting is simply an early work in progress.


  1. This photo is too dark :(

  2. True but like I said, at this point in time I'm just showing a pic of very general progress on these minis.
    Your comment gave me an idea thogh. Next time I'll try to take a better pic of a few randomly picked minis to show at least some details.

  3. Lookin' forward to seeing how these boys turn out!!


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