Friday 27 May 2011

White Council or Pinball Wizard

Other than Minas Trith's force I had some wizards on my desk lately. To be exact Saruman the White, Gandalf the White and Galadriel (white council version). I chose to experiment a bit and give them some mystical , enchanted even looks.

Bearing that in mind I thought that best option would be to paint Saruman as not "as quite white as he would wan to be perceived". I used some beige colours to create illusion that his white is tainted with betrayal, also I used some Black Speech markings on the bottom of his robes. To top things of I put him on black glossy base resambling Orthanc.

With Galadriel I used variety of blues and purples, highlighted up to pure white to give her more transcendent feeling. I finished her with glossy green base to keep with her wood elves climax ;)

Hope you like them.

And since we're in the wizard theme I think that this yet another classic rock anthem will blend in just swell ;)


  1. Saruman and Galadriel sure play a mean pinball.

  2. Yep :D I revised pics , by accident I used thumbnails ;)

  3. Very nice mate. I am not very fond of miniatures covered in folds of robes but I think you did them justice with your paintjob.

  4. I'm glad I managed to overcome your aversion to such minis ;))

  5. It's real Saruman of many colours...Nice experiment with colours and great freehands (as always). They look amazing, especially Galadriel.

  6. Both are looking really good, the alternative colour schemes have paid off.

    I love the runes on Saruman in particular, very appropriate! :)

  7. Incredible pieces mate! I think you did an outstanding job on both!!


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