Monday 12 December 2011

The bad, the worse, the ugly

Next batch of models related to Isengard pole. As title suggests it involves set of Uruk-Hai (Lurtz, Captain and standard ) being the bad ones, Saruman , being obviously the worse of whole Isengard bunch and additional feature by Gollum which is for sure the ugly one ;)

I had an opportunity to paint Saruman with the Palantir, which by far is my favourite of all of his poses. I decided to go with most movie like scheme of that character. So no great freehands of additional fireworks have been done. Well except maybe the base, which I decided to paint in manner of Orthanc floor - glossy with markings on it.



  1. Lovely stuff. Do you guys have any guidelines on what you charge for commissioned work?

  2. Contact us via mail or Facebook (our page is up there). We don't have any fixed fees per se/ It depends on many circumstances of commission in question :)

    So as I said feel free to contact us ;)

  3. What's the best email address to use? I wasn't able to find one on the blog.

  4. since you like Haldir's work and I have my hands full working on a large commission, here's his address

  5. They are awesome! Really well done, especially Saruman!
    Only thing is I would maybe make Gollum's hair look a bit less thick...other than that, excellent!


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