Monday 19 December 2011

Sd.Kfz 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen (II)

One month later and I'm more than started on my Sf.Kfz. I managed to put him together in about 90%. The hardest part is the fact that whole interior has to be painted during glueing so it's kinda tricky, though I feel it went really good. There have been some problems with assembling correctly battle compartment due to inconsisten instructions which made it hard (mainly because of whole flamethrowing system).


With painting interior I decided to make it a bit scraped and rusted (as I imagine it would be with fire all over it for most time). So I used some good old salt techinque to create all the rust inside. Some Citadel washes have also been used on floor panels, plus drybrush with sponge. I finished whole with sime MIG pigments (though I feel I will require one more pas once model is complete.

As for painting I'm going for winter camo, so in order to achieve that I need to start with usual camo. I probably will use Dark Yellow with some brown and green patches. Then hair spray, salt, sugar, tape and masking fluid will come up to the line up to create washed and fatigued effect of winter camo.

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