Friday 6 January 2012

2011: Year in review

Some of the early WIPs for 2012

Time to make another one. I think that while the previous year had been a period of major changes and challenges, 2011 was a year of stabilization. I kept my job and started working extra hours in a language school. This meant less free time but it also forced me to organize my time better as working from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or later does require that.
On a hobby level, I painted a total of 233 miniatures, which is an improvement compared to 179 in 2010. I also added more paints, brushes etc. to my workshop. I painted mainly LotR models but managed to work with a few from other systems. Malifaux was probably the best "discovery" I made last year - a great game with an amazing atmosphere and amazing miniatures. I also took (for the first time) part in a painting competition and ended up with a pretty decent result. My painting highlights would probably be the Death Marshals as painting these great models was particularly enjoyable and I'm quite pleased with the final effect. Another model that could be considered my painting highlight is the Cryx Helljack model as assembling it and thinking about the way to incorporate all the elements on this one was a lengthy, but an enjoyable process too. I should probably mention Darksword miniatures here as their miniatures are extremely well cast

Now, as far as resolutions for 2011 are concerned, here they are:
- expanding my Cryx force (at least one more unit, some solos and a few jacks)
I did paint a few more models but can't be to happy with the result.
- playing more (4 games in 6 months isn't a good result by any measure)
This one's no good - I completely failed here. In fact I'm even considering selling my WARMACHINE models but time will tell.
- writing more and more often on the blog
I guess I partly succeeded here as the overall number of posts has improved significantly. Still, I feel I could have done more here.
- buy a car :]
This one went well, I have a car and got used to it to such a degree that can't imagine life without it now.

Now, as for my hobby resolutions for 2012 (I'll try to be more realistic this time);
- keep on updating the blog as often as possible,
- paint more Malifaux models for my Lady Justice Crew and possibly start another crew (most likely the Dreamer),
- play at least one game of Malifaux,
- paint at least 200 miniatures :)
- prevent this little fellow from playing around with the minis I work on (which he seems keen on doing ;)


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