Tuesday 24 July 2012

Being a lawyer...

Well in theory yes ;) After long absence I'm finally back even if it's half-time presence ;) I've done my share of reading and writing and got my Master of Arts degree in law ! So now only couple of horrifying exam next three years of something you can call "law school" in anglo-saxon law regime and I'll be officially a lawyer ;)

In the meantime long forgotten pics I dug up from chasm of my hard drive. Some Forces of Good heroes done in NMM ;) Two version of Aragorn (RotK and Fotr), Theoden (TTT), Boromir (Fotr) and Gamling (TTT).

I'm still thinking about jazzing up Boromir a bit ;) With some additions on sleeves and maybe a freehand on the shield...who knows.




And to sum up this joyful post a compilation from Scrubs (hillarious seriesby the way) consisting best of Ted clumsy, loser lawyer of theirs ;)

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  1. Stunning work... the bases are pretty sweet also.

    Good luck with the studies!



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