Friday 20 July 2012

My first game of Malifaux

I finally had my first Malifaux game and I have to admit I love the mechanics. The card-flipping instead of dice rolling is a great thing and the possibility of affecting the result with control cards add a lot to the dynamism. What I also liked was that each turn can bring an entirely new situation and you have to think on your feet at all times.

The game was a 25 SS scrap with my LJ crew (with an addition of one Austringer) against caen's Viktorias that had the help of Freikop's Trapper, Librarian and Misaki. My strategy was Slaughter along with Hold Out and Bodyguard schemes.

My main problem was my very superficial knowledge of the rules, which was one of the reason the game lasted for more than three hours. I haven't got a chance to check out how the Judge does in practice as he was taken down by Viki early on in the game. What I've learnt though is that the Marshals are pretty good and don't die easily. LJ is a machine when she has enemies in her melee range but definitely needs some backup bofore she gets there.

Not surprisingly, I lost (6:2) but there were moments when the outcome could have been completely different. It was when the Jokers started appearing that the game became more dramatic with the Trapper killing Justice in melee, which surprised both me and my opponent. Still, it was a good, competitive game and it gave me a taste of what Malifaux is. Now I just need to learn the rules and the skills of my crew better. Below you can see some pictures from the game:

I plan to expend my Guild force. Right now I have LJ crew (starter, Scales, Executioner, 2 Austringers). I'm considering buying either Perdita or Freikops set along with a Guardian to give me more possibilities. Any recommendations?


  1. It was a great battle , and to the last card flip every autcome was possibe. Traper became a Men of The Day after dealing LJ 8 Wounds with one strike (Red Jocker + Severe).


  2. Whoa at first glance this reminds me of the vintage board game Hero Quest!


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