Thursday 21 March 2013

Thorin's company #3 Balin, at your service

I really liked the way this character was portrayed in the movie. I think Ken Stott did a great job and managed to capture the essential feel of age, fierceness and a kind of grace that is immediately associated with Balin. These also include the way he fought, using very elegant, swift cuts rather than heavy hits.

GW's sculpt of this dwarf is my favorite so far (at least compared to other ones I've already painted). His face with its large nose and bushy eyebrows, is really well sculpted and evokes the feelings I mentioned earlier.

I worked on his clothes using two shades of red to make sure his inner robe looks different that the jacket. Since the pose of this mini is rather static I placed him on the edge of platform to make him look as if he was waiting for a fight.


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