Monday 25 March 2013

Keeping watch

Time for another piece from my Malifaux backlog. This one has been waiting for painting for a few months and I finally decided to deal with it.

Watcher is a relatively cheap model in game that has quite a few uses. He can help with card control and he can also be an efficient objective grabber. I wanted to make sure that the way the model is prepared reflects these so I glued him to a tall column, making it look as if he was gliding. I also added some vine as I felt that the column looked empty without it.

I used Vallejo Old Gold for the basecoat on the metallic parts and then highlighted these using paints from Andrea gold set. After that it was just a matter of a few  glazes of green and brown. I also added a simple OSL effect, nothing too fancy but I'm pleased with the effect nonetheless.

Watcher and his good old pal Guardian

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