Sunday 14 April 2013

Blue jeans

Painting Santiago and Santana simultaneously made sense to me as they cannot be in game at the same time (animosity rule). What's more, it gave me a chance to compare the painting experience as Santiago is an old metal cast and Santana is a plastic one.
I've read some comments concerning loss of detail on the new plastic range and while I can agree to some degree (areas like legs or the hat could have used more texture), I cannot say that it's not an issue with the metal minis as well. Santiago's duster is a good example. Also, while Santana's face is hard to get to in the first place, painting it is a bit tricky (not much texture there again). However, painting Santiago's face wasn't a walk in the park too. Placing highlights there was a bit tricky (and gluing the arm with Peacebringer before painting didn't help too ;) 

I used Reaper paints for painting the duster and jacket. I'm more and more convinced that these are the paints for me. I love the triad system - any color you want comes in three shades that complement one another nicely so working on highlights using these is fast and easy.
I haven't painted jeans before but I knew that I want these to stand out among the rest of my Guild minis so I decided to use slightly brighter colors (it also goes better with the Mexican feel of the Ortegas). I don't know if I'm going to stick with this color scheme for the rest of the crew (Nino, Francisco, Papa Loco,Perdita) as this may make them look too uniform. Some food for thought I guess.

I made their bases similar on purpose. The zombie is part of the original miniature but I added a R.I.P. tombstone to both to tie them to the graveyard theme I use for my guild.

And that's pretty much it for now. As far as progress on the Hobbit front is concerned, I haven't done anything more on the goblins but painted two more dwarves instead. Just a few finishing touches and they'll be ready. Pics coming soon!

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