Monday 1 April 2013

Grandma with a gun

Not the type of granny you'd like to mess with. Abuela is another sculpt from the range that I really like. Her face is particularly well sculpted with a gaze full of confidence malice.

Painting her was overall a nice experience but I needed to pay a lot of attention to flat surfaces while highlighting. I tend to keep the colors dark while I paint but I wanted to try some more vivid shades here to go well with what I think is a reference to Santa Muerte cult. So basically this is bright and vivid in my painting style.

Her face is the key element as it conveys all the emotions so I made sure to add a few well placed highlights there to make sure her facial expression is clearly visible. I'm pretty happy with how her skin tone tujrned out as I used only two paints and one wash there (VGC Heavy Skintone, P3 Ryn Flesh and Army painter Soft Tone).


  1. Hilarious model, great painjob.
    Man i gotta get me some malifaux!

  2. My favourite of the Ortegas. Fine job on the face!

  3. Great job on Abuela, it´s a fantastic mini to paint. Her face is stunning, one of the bestversions of her I have ever seen.:)


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