Sunday 2 March 2014

Another crew finished

There hasn't been much going on here recently but truth is I've been pretty busy hobby-wise finishing off old crews and starting new ones. Not to mention my ongoing work on the Warzone minis. I'll be publishing more here in the next few days. I just need to find time to take decent pics of newly painted stuff.

 I've had the Relic Hunters for a few months now and painted a mini from this crew every now and then. I left the leader as the last one as the prospect of working on both the mounted and unmounted miniature (not to mention the mount) put me off.
Not surprisingly, there was a lot of work involved in painting the beast. There are many flat surfaces on the skin and on the saddle and the reins don't make painting any easier. I guess I could have glued them after painting the horse but I prefer to work on assembled minis as filling up all the recesses that appear is a pain if the parts are painted.

Lukas McCabe is a very confident arrogant person. I think of him as a kind of criminal Indiana Jones. That's why I tried to use colors that would evoke the feelings of an adventures and a cocky dandy. I used khaki on pants, slightly weathered white on his shirt and livened that up with blue vest and a bright purple tie.
I still need to get TT Arsenal Deck as I have two painted crews that are ready for playing (Relic Hunters and Lynch). McCabe is an interesting master but I think I'll be using him mainly for my Guild as I don't have any other minis than the ones from boxes from Ten Thunders.
Last but not least, here's a quick photo of my third fully painted crew for Malifaux (soon to be joined by the fourth).


  1. Great crew all around, Viruk!
    Might I ask, what's the origin of those cobblestone base inserts you used?

    1. Thanks, glad you like them. The bases are cast in resin and they're from Micro Art Studio - cobblestone type. I can't recommend products from MAS enough.


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