Sunday 15 June 2014

New crew artwork and a Wyrd painting contest

Justin has recently shown this artwork on the Wyrd forums together with a short introductory poem.

Jacky Jacky Jack Daw,
Hanging on the tree.
I asked him for his secrets
But he would not speak to me.

I've written before about how much the quality of Wyrd's model has improved since they switched to plastic but these look like the most sophisticated designs so far. Gruesome, true but the design is impressive nonetheless.

There's also a new painting contest, finally one run by Wyrd on their website. You can find the details on their Summer Painting Contest here.
And last but not least, new issue of Wyrd Chronicles is now available for download #12.


  1. In which category of contest are you going to take part?

  2. All of them if I manage to prepare the entries :)

    1. Good, I keep my fingers crossed for you!


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