Tuesday 8 July 2014

Back to the Brush!

I haven't been posting pics of new works as I've been quite busy recently. Also, there's the Burnt Offerings painting competition so I can't really show what I've prepared for that before the voting ends. Anyway, here's a Wyrd miniature I've painted recently - the new Flesh Construct.

Painting it took me much longer than I had expected. The dynamic pose of the victim makes it much harder to judge where highlights and shades should be placed. Also, working on larger skin areas is never easy, especially while working on rotten zombie skin.

I used a 40mm Wyrd Morgue base insert. I think it suits this type of miniature perfectly. A Frenkenstein-like monstrosity that has turned on its creator. A Morgue seemed like a perfect scenery for this situation.


  1. Wonderful work, creepy and ghoulish at the same time!

  2. Perfect colour choices, and wonderful work on the skin. Will definitely come back here for inspiration when I set off to paint mine. :)

    1. Thanks Ana, that's some high praise coming from one of my favorite zombie painters :)


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