Monday 14 July 2014

Warzone - resurrection slowed down

I actually painted these three miniatures a few months ago but haven't really got round to taking pictures and writing about them. I guess a got a bit discouraged after the end of Kickstarter. It seems to me that Prodos Games used the KS campaign to properly launch their product and use the backers as beta testers of their unpolished and not-final version of the product. The new miniatures released by Prodos are nicely packed in colorful boxes with great artwork. Also, the quality has improved significantly. What's more, many miniatures now have either new versions or are an improved product compared to initial KS releases. Anyway, for what's it worth, here are the minis I painted.

Alakhai the Cunning. My least favorite of the whole KS bunch I got. It's one of the most famos Dark Legion characters and the original artwork by Paul Bonner is amazing. The miniature is not that well cast. The proportions are OK and the level of detail, while not impressive, is satisfying. Still, there are some things that I don't really care for. First of all, the cloak - it just looks bad, as if he had a hump or the wind was blowing from all directions at the same time.

Razide is much better. The miniature has great proportions (for an evil mutant - the oversized arms fit perfectly here) and it just looks mean. As always, my camera lies when it comes to red color. Even a bit of red causes trouble and when a miniature is mostly red, it completely shifts out of focus. I haven't found a solution yet and have pretty much given up on it.

Golgotha is another of well known characters from the Mutant Chronicles universe. The miniature I got was cast from a different type of resin. It was very light grey in color and much more flexible that the other minis. That's one of the reasons working on those thin, elastic limbs was so challenging. Overall, I like the miniature but her face is problematic. It's lack of expression and lack of detail is really disappointing.

And that's pretty much it for WZ from me right now. I will eventually get back to working on these miniatures (especially the Undead Legionnaires which I really like) but for now I'll be focusing mainly on Malifaux.


  1. Love hoe your models turned out and a shame you feel like you do about the KS. Sure we where Beta testers but it was a small company doing the KS and they decided it was better to upgrade the product rather than continue on some inferior sculpts quality wise.

    I'm one of those that really like the Alakhai sculpt, the cloak I agree that is rather strange looking but the rest I like and invites for free hand painting which I like. And your's surely came out nice in my opinion. I find Golgotha more of a odd beast which I haven't figured how to paint yet.

    Anyway great looking paint job and I hope you revisit the WZ:R minis soon anyway ^^

    1. Thanks for the comment Johan. I most definitely will, especially the Legionnaires. I understand the KS policy and yes, I agree Prodos had every right to learn from their experience and polish their product. Still, I feel a little disappointed.

  2. Great work on Alakhai and Razide, especially the latter, the reds look good even if you say they're not caught well on the photo.. I don't like the Golgotha so much though, your paintjob is fine but the sculpt is imo the weakest of the 3.

    1. Thanks for the comment mate. I think I prefer the old skool version of Golgotha over this one ;)


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