Wednesday 16 July 2014

Children of December #1

I'm beginning another hobby project - this time it's going to be Rasputina and her crew. So far I've just put them together and basecoated the minis using light color for the gaming and Golem as they will be painted using bright shades of blue.

I had to put together Wendigo's victim separately as it would complicate painting him and it would be pretty much impossible to paint his face otherwise. I'll probably start by painting one Ice Gamin to try out a color scheme. 

I've also tried a cool method for basing I found on Wyrd Forums. It was posted by a used called AnythingBut here first. Basically you just paint the inside of the base using blue and follow that with a thick layer of GW's technical paint called Agrellan Earth. After that you should leave it to dry for a longer while, preferably overnight or for the whole day. The paint crack as it dries creating an effect that the creators intended to look like desert. However, if applied in thick layer and over blue surface, it looks like shattered ice on water if you paint the cracked paint using bright shades of blue and adding white. In the pic you can see my first attempt. It was a quick one but I'm quite pleased with the effect. I already have some ideas on how to improve the technique and plan to use it for this crew. More updates later this week!

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