Thursday 24 July 2014

Children of December #3

Here's another update with more Ice Gamins and an Ice Golem.

I painted one Gamin to try out the color scheme so I simply followed the remaining two the same way. I introduced some variety by adding rocks made of cork for some extra height. The cracked ice looks a bit different. I think that might be because I applied a thicker layer of Agrellan Earth.

The Ice Golem was a looot of work. Working up highlights and shades on such a big miniature is not easy and requires patience. It became particularly tricky with the back where there are numerousIt took a while but I'm pretty happy with the result. It looks like a huge and angry chunk of glacier.
Its skin is painted the using the same color scheme I followed for the Gamins. I painted his teeth the same way pieces of ice are done on Gamins. I think it adds a much needed element of contrast while still being coherent with the rest of the model.
I've always wondered what it would be like to paint Trolls from WARMACHINE and I think I have a pretty good idea. Blue is tricky to work with but with a lot of patience and many layers, the effects can be satisfying. 

And finally, a quick group shot of the creatures. Now I just need to paint Rasputing, Wendigo and its victim. I've already started and I may be able to finish it this week.


  1. Excellent work on the skin! Good decision painting the icicles/ice chunk carried by the Gamin in a different colour - it adds more interest to the minis.
    You may not have originally thought of the inventive Agrellan Earth method for cracked ice, but seems to me you've perfected it. :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your take on Rasputina.

  2. Thanks Ana :) I've almost finished Raspy so pics should be up later today or tomorrow.


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