Thursday 2 October 2014

Mother of Monsters #2 Terror Tots

I love everything about these miniatures. Even their name is awesome. When you think about it on a linguistic lever, the words "tot" and "terror" are an unlikely pair. Yet they fit these guys perfectly.

Terror Tots are perfect objective runners. They can Sprint and reach remote areas on the board very quickly, which makes them a perfect choice for dropping markers . Their Df of 6 isn't bad but once they get hit, they die quickly with only 4 Wd to spare. They have black blood, so they can deal a little extra damage if they manage to get close enough. Their offensive output is far from impressive and they have no way to attack from distance.

As far as the miniatures are concerned, they are amazing. The sculpts are very dynamic and the details are very nice. They look almost... adorable... Almost, so I went down that path and made sure there is a mean edge to them by choosing nasty-looking skull bases and adding some gore effect to them.

Well, working on these little guys was a lot of fun. Now it's time to move onto something bigger.


  1. Just found and browsed through your blog - all I can say, bravo to you, great miniatures you're showing us here :)
    So far I'm having a bit of trouble painting the new plastic Malifaux kits, so I'm really looking for as much inspiration as possible. Really looking forward seeing the rest of your Lilith Crew, keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment, means a lot to me to read that other people are enjoying my work.
      I'll add a post with Young Nephilim tomorrow or the day after. I've also started working on the Mature Nephilim and Barbaros so you can expect more updates soon.


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