Thursday 23 October 2014

Mother of Monsters #4 It's Evolution Baby!

It doesn't get any bigger with the Nephilim. The Mature one is the final version in the evolution of these Malifaux-native creatures. It measures about nine feet and  looks like a true monster with its massive wingspan.

The Mature Nephilim can fly, combined with its considerable Wk6 and Cg8, he can get quickly anywhere he wants. There are also some other mobility tricks involved that allow it to push other models away or  even Charge Through them in order to reach other targets. It is Terrifying a wounding it is harder thanks to Armor +1. And should you decide to deal with the beast in melee, you should remember about Black Blood. As far as its offense is concerned, it can be summarized by one word - ferocity. Monstrous Talons can quickly tear opponents to pieces and even Rip them in Half, potentially causing other models to panic.  The model costs 11ss but it can be brought into game as a result of Growth upgrade.

Once again, I've used skull bases from Micro Art Studio and I think they suit these minis perfectly, going well with their ferocious, blood lust-driven nature. Similarly to the previous ones, I've also used gore effect to highlight this aspect even more.

The theory of evolution, Nephilim style


  1. Great miniature, keep up the good work :)

  2. Just dropping in to say hi to my favourite Polish dude and that it's awesome to see you going well and kicking butt in the miniature industry mate! I still owe you an email (haven't forgotten, it's starred in my inbox)! ;)



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