Wednesday 12 November 2014

Mother of Monsters #6 The Mother herself

 I've finally finished painting Lilith and her crew from the starter box set (along with three extra Nephilim). Lilith's totem is an interesting one. It's basically a parody of a love cherub, only evil and twisted. He can fly and has a nice trigger that imposes a 5' push on the target. It can also help his fellowe Neverborn with reducing the cost of Interact Actions by 1 as long as they're within 3' of him.
I used the same skin tone that I did on the other Tots and Nephilim and kept the rest of colors dark to give him a slightly more menacing look.

Lilith definitely stands out as the leader of the crew. She is the only one that looks human but her appearance shouldn't fool you. She is a ruthless, relentless fighter that is capable of dealing a lot of damage. She is very mobile too with a Wk and Cg of 6' and an upgrade that gives her Flight. She doesn't need Los to charge her opponents or use Ca actions, which makes her a constant threat wherever she is. She has a solid df trigger that allows her to make hitting her in melee much harder once she manages to win a df duel. She also has a high Df of 7 but her 10 wound's won't be enough to keep her alive from opponents who manage to break it. So basically she is a perfect guerrilla fighter who hits hard and fast and disappears immediately.

Lilith and her family

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