Wednesday 5 November 2014

Some TTB conversions

I've been playing around with TTB male and female sets and created a few minis I want to use for my Guild and Neverborn.

From left they are: Witchling Handler (pistol and a greatsword, she should be easier to recognize once I get some paint on her), Latigo Pistolero, alt Nino, Lelu (claws and a tail), Lilitu (an elegant cigarette to go along with the Lure rule) and finally Tuco (claws-I've swapped a hand here, and a shotgun plus a face that looks capable of producing deranged laughter. And the horns ;).


  1. These are very nice! One can really do all sorts of things with the TTB sets.

    1. Yeah, you can make minis that have features of certain characters (like Lelu and Lilitu here) while still keeping the looks of an (almost) human citizen of Malifaux, I really like that about these sets.


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