Tuesday 27 December 2016

Fight Club

I remember watching film adaptation of this novel several years ago. I was impressed by the relentless pace, seemingly random camera work and an underlying atmosphere of madness. 
I had the same feelings when I finally reached for Palahniuk's work. Knowing the story (I do remember the film very well despite seeing it only once years ago), I paid more attention to elements that indicate deteriorating mental state of the protagonist. I have to admit they're interwoven with the plot really well. At the same time I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the anger and negativity present throughout the whole novel. Getting through it wasn't easy but in the end I felt good about it and found new level of appreciation for the film adaptation.


  1. Fight Club is a very good book, but you're only scratching the surface of Palahniuk. I can't recommend RANT highly enough. It is an incredible book.

    1. Thanks, added that one to my "to read" list. I'm currently going through Broken Promise trilogy and enjoying it so far. Once I'm finished, I will give "RANT" a go.


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