Thursday 25 January 2018


Bultingun is a new wave 5 Neverborn minion. At only 5 soulstones it is definitely on a cheaper side. Bultingun is a solid scheme runner with a useful (0) action that allows him to discard enemy scheme marker within 2' and then pick up the last card from your discard pile. He also gets to push forward if enemies drop scheme markers in his Los.
Bultingun can also be a decent beater as he can use his (2) attack action after a push and as long as he discards a card. This Savage Mauling action has high damage potential of 3/4/5. What's really neat about it is that no markers or models can be placed or summoned if he uses his crow trigger. So,I'd you're living a dream you will manage to get rid of models like Ashes and Dust or the Forgotten Marshal for good. This attack can be extremely efficient with Dreamer's Empty Night action as it only requires a 4 of any suit for a push and two attacks.
The main problem with Bultingun is that they are scheduled for release in July... I decided to make some using Swine-cursed models.

Bultingun is a creature from African folklore. It is a were-hyena. What makes them truly unique is that unlike werewolves, Bultingun can be a hyena disguised as human.

Sadly, I have no sculpting skills so I had to look for other models that could be combined with Swine-cursed. I ended up buying a set of plastic pre-painted Wolfen from Confrontation. They look more like wolves than hyenas but they're close enough for the feral look I wanted to achieve. I simply cut away some area around the original head and then glued the Wolfen one there. I also wanted to use something that could represent their Brutal Knives. I found two WFB Orc arms with blades in my bits box. The oversized fists went well with the exaggerated features of the original Gremlin model. I also used fingers from the hands I had cut off to make sure they have 5 on their right hands (having no sculpting skills sucks...). In the end I used Green Stuff around their manes and other areas that had been altered.

Head and hand swaps

Filling the gaps with Green Stuff

Basecoating and pre-shading

While painting I was sticking to warm brown shades. I studied pictures of hyenas and chose colors that were similar to their natural fur. I also used the artwork that Wyrd presented a while ago for reference.

I am quite pleased with the final effect. The models also fulfill official tournament criteria as no more than 33% come from other companies' models.


  1. Jedne z fajniejszych miniaturowych wilkołaków, jakie widziałem! Brawo:)

  2. Fajne modele ale chłopak po lewej zdecydowanie zaniedbał nogi na siłowni. ;)

    Bardzo podoba mi się malowanie. :)

    1. Kolega zaniedbywał dzień nóg ;) Fakt, te postacie są mocno przerysowane, nawet bez konwersji, ale w wypadku Gremlinów akurat mi to pasuje


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