Wednesday 17 January 2018

Witchling Thralls

These hulking brutes brought some hard-hitting power into the ranks of Guild's minions in Wave 5. They cost 9 ss but their min damage in melee is a very good 3 with interesting triggers. They can also use their Ca action to hit from distance. 

The minis are slightly bigger than a standard infantry-sized humanoid of Malifaux. As such, they needed several layers on large skin areas. I also used some bright blue around their eyes and hands to show they energy they're struggling with.


  1. Wyjątkowo normalne modele, jak na malifaux. No i malowanie pierwsza klasa.

    1. Żadnych macek, mutacji, dodatków. Właśnie dlatego przerzuciłem się na przede wszystkim frakcję Neverborn gdzie figurki są dla mnie po prostu ciekawsze pod kątem hobbistycznym.


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