Saturday 15 September 2018

#8/2018 Magpie Murders

I've never been an avid reader of whudunits so I approached this one with some hesitation. And I was immediately rewarded with a fresh take on the subject.

Horowitz sets the plot in two parallel realities. One is a classic country murder case, in which Atticul Punt is trying to find out who and why committed murders in a small town. The other one is set in contemporary times as the editor reads part of the manuscript for the novel and begins her own investigation. She soon finds out that the two realities are uncannily interwoven and she can use her knowledge of the manuscript to understand the way the author perceived reality.

It's a good read on both levels as Horrowitz fluently switches from one reality to another in successive sections of the novel thanks to his masterful use of different styles and vocabulary.

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