Thursday 16 August 2018

More Terror Tots

I've painted Terror Tots before twice so I knew more or less what I wanted to do with them this time round. It was a little different though I as also had three old metal sculpts from the first edition. I like the plastic ones but they seem a bit too similar to one another. The same build, identical proportions. I think the metal ones better reflect the ferocious nature and insatiable hunger that drives these creatures. Their weapons have more distinctive design and their faces have much more clearly defined expressions. Not to mention the pre-censorship era sculpts, which means that they run around naked...

Cherub required some extra effort as I had to figure out a way to paint feathers on his wings. Painting all those thin lines was a very slow process as I washed them down with blue glaze and had to repick some of the highlights there again.

I used pale purple shade for their skin and complementary colors that kept the overall scheme rather cold.Thanks to that their bases (resin 30mm Micro Art Studio forest themed) pop more. Some blood splatters were also used on their weapons and partly on the bodies.

In game they mainly serve the purpose of scheme runners. I've never fielded them before so I hope I'll have a chance to give them a go with Lilith soon. They can also be used in growth lists , but these need more Nephilim miniatures, which I currently don't own.

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