Monday 23 September 2019

Malifaux and contrasts

I've finally been able to put contrast paints into more serious use. While working on Vogel + the Beast Within, I followed these steps:
1. Black Basecoat
2. Wraith Bone (so that initial guidance for shades is in place).
3. Applying Contrast paints, 2 layers in shaded areas.
4. Highlights + some additional shades + glazes
5. Finishing touches (more colors (earlobes, teeth, eyes, nails, etc.)
6. Testors Dullcote varnish + bases.

As you can see clearly, Contrast paints by themselves will only take you so far. They let you easily achieve decent table top quality. For some colors they may work extremely well (fur, Gremlin skintone, Dark Templar - my favorite on clothes, really nice effect), while other will require more effort. Overall - really useful tool for speeding tings up and marking initial highlights off of which more volume can be added.

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