Saturday 28 September 2019

Fae Killjoy

I painted this model for Wyrd a couple of years ago. New edition and allegiance change meant that I wanted to approach it slightly differently. I used some a bit from GW's skulls set instead of his face. I have also removed the ball from chain and added a fragment to make it look like the hook is dragged behind him. 
Swamp on the base was created mainly with Green Stuff world's UV resin - this is a true game changes, so much easier to use than standard water effects. 
This model was a great opportunity to finally test painting minis with oil paints. I bought a set of Oil Brushers from MiG a while ago. Large surfaces of skin are typically harder to highlights as they need numerous layers of watered down paints for smooth finish. Here I only added 2-3 basic highlights to create some contrast and then worked with dark brown and white oils. I have also applied some glazes with red, green, and purple oil mixes on parts of skin and skull. Overall, I'm very happy with the effect. Oils make highlighting and shading much easier. One thing that may be a bit tricky is applying standard acrylics over them as you need to put varnish first but that's not a biggie. I can't wait to test these on larger models (such as Eurypides and his giants when they are released). 

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