Sunday 6 October 2019

#16/2019 Homo Deus

A very interesting take on the current state of humanity. The author aims to give a comprehensive answer to questions of our origin. current existence and future of mankind. He combines elements of history, philosophy, biotechnology, as well as other sciences in a seamless way. As a result, 21st century is seen as the age of greatest change in mankind's history. 
Death is one of the main topics he discusses. If people are at some point able to achieve immorality, how would this affect our society and inter-human relations? The conclusions he puts forward are both interesting and slightly troubling.
Can happiness be achieved? If we take a biotechnological point of view, we could talk about flipping the "happiness switch" and the ca[ability of experiencing the joy without having any actual reason for it.
These discussions are contrasted with some surprising statistical data. Nowadays more people die as a result of suicide than as casualties of war. There are more deaths as a result of obesity than starvation. 
Harari's book can lead to some serious reflections on who we are and what's in store for us. Despite the potential of technological achievements, many of these thoughts are worrying.

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