Monday 23 November 2020

Nightmarish WIP


My hobby plans for 2020 remain ambitious - the picture above shows what I plan to paint before the end of year. This is actually the 8th Dreamer crew I will be painting. I plan to stick to my swamp theme I have in the Neverborn but to make this keyword stand out a bit more I will be using resin skull bases from Micro Art Studio for the most part.
I will start with Alps as I really like the new plastic sculpts and plan to use dark purple + worn out red on the robes to make them pop more.

I've been into watching some Vassal reports and can give a big shoutout to James Dyson who regularly provides quality content on youtube. As they are not too dynamic, they can work well as background video while I paint minis - can't really do that with bat reps that show actual minis and have different camera angles.

And speaking of youtube, here's a new video from one of my favorite bands.

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