Friday 25 June 2010

Back in black

After a couple of weeks with exam session I finally have long awaited holidays. Now with all creative powers I can dive back into hobby.

First project that needs finishing is the commission work I took upon myself in May, mentioned in my previous post, Black Numenorean Warriors, Morgul Knights, Mouth of Sauron and last but not least, Witch-King.

Yesterday I finished BNW, MoS and W-K, leaving Knights for next week after I move back home.

As you can see I tried experimenting a bit with MIG pigments. For starters simple dust test, but some time this month I'll try with both wet and dry mud. Bases are not yet finished, they will be given some dead grass once the Morgul Knights will be finished.


  1. Nice, very nice!
    Love the lava bases...they look excellent! The dusty, dirt covered cloaks are also very well done! All around an excellent job! :)

  2. Thanks Dave, I'm glad you like it. There's still couple of things that can use some improvement.

    Mainly that dirt isn't as sharp now, after I used some fixer on it to keep it from rubbing of.

  3. You've got + for a title :P AC/DC ROCKS! But about models: I like metallics - especially on shields. Lava is rather nice addition to those dark and boring figures. I think that you should paint side of a base grey, because now it gives strong contrast to robes which makes them look grey. And think about using less of dust, 'cause now it reaches almost half of miniature.

  4. I agree wit you about the dust hence I took steps to tune it down and blend a little more.

    I'm not able to take any pics right now due to moving back home after another academic year, but I'll make update with Morgul Knights around thursday and than you'll have another look at those robes. I hope you'll be once again very helpful with feedback, thanks a lot Kris ;)


  5. Can you do a tutorial on the cloaks? Please?

  6. I'll try during this month if there's such demand ;)

  7. I second that! The color of their cloaks is fabulous!

  8. Hello! Just wondering if you're able to give us a tutorial on how to paint their cloaks yet?
    I have a pack of Numenoreans that I'd like to paint with the same colors! ;D


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