Tuesday 7 December 2010

Chariots of fire

The chariots are finally ready, it took me a while to add the final touches. Overall fun minis to paint but the amount of details and the number of parts make it a bit annoying at times. Definitely not my best work up to date but a pretty decent effect methinks.
The charioteer goes first.

Not much to say really. I simply followed the color scheme I used with the Khandish infantry and cavalry I'd painted earlier. The king required more effort as with the dominance of red I wanted to make sure I used different shades of this color.

It looks quite impressive once assembled and painted but when I think about putting it in a package and having it sent to the commissioner... I quickly switch to other more nagging issues.

I am going to switch back to painting WM minis for a while now. The second half of the Bane Knights unit has been waiting for a long while. I'm also still hesitating how to paint Tartarus. A very nice model with great potential. I will probably go for a partly metallic, partly ghostly look. Still, the axe leaves me wondering what to do about it. I will definitely feel nice to finally paint some of my minis as I've been busy doing commissions for a longer while. I want to have them ready sooner than later so I'll need to strike a balance between quality and quantity here.

And to finish off, here's a classic. I'm an avid jogger (especially in winter, somehow jogging in the most enjoyable for me during this season of the year) but I haven't seem this movie yet. I'll need to watch it one day.


  1. WOW!! Amazing stuff!
    Only critique is that the foot version's right eye looks a bit off, other than that, like I said...WOW! :)

  2. Well spotted, I'll have to fix it. Thanks for the comment :)


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