Wednesday 29 December 2010

Plastic Everywhere

During Chrismast break I could do any painting since all of my stuff is in Lublin, so I decided to put together and prepare everything I have to paint after New Years. So on the waitig list as mentioned before are Land Raiders, Rhino and Attack Bikes. I've already put together both Land Raiders. In order to be able to paint the interriors I left one side of hull and top loose. I'll glue them after finishing paintjob on transport compartments. Also as it can be seen in pics, side sponsons with both Lascannons and Flamers are magnetized so they can be changed to fit different rosters. There's third combination of side arms with hurricane bolters, but since there's no more sponson parts I'm forced to improvise and design them from scratch with plasticard, I already got the main shape, now I'll have to work on pole and on some details to make it less plain. As well as side weapons top turrets aren't attached permanently, for the same reason.

Now I'll be working on side hatches on Land Raiders and both side and top hatches on Rhino. Plan is to drill plastic parts, insert metal pole and make some hinges so doors can be opened and closed at will ;)

Magnetic revolution will also affect Attack Bikes, where there'll be option to switch between Multi-Melta and Heavy Bolter. It will require some work on couple of parts but what's plasticard and metal for ;)

I still have one Bike waiting to be assambled and another one
somewhere in the mail along with next Rhino but
I guess they will arrive after New Year so they will be last one in line.
If everything goes well and airbrush will arrive without delay I think paintjob on those should be done even by mid January, but as always when I try to predict optimistic end term, real life comes into work and all itinerary goes to trash. So for now I'm not saying anything in order not ot jinx it :D

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