Tuesday 21 December 2010

Let's get this party started

Another batch of Ultramarines coming right up. This time fast attack/heavy support is on the agenda. 4x Attack Bikes, 1xRhino (well razorback actually but it will be constructed as rhino), 1x Land Raider, 1 x Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer. A lot off plastic and even more fun to do. I have some creative altering in mind like extra armour out of plasticard or some personalised battlefield add-ons. Also 2011 will officialy be the year when I'll get back together with my airbrush (yay!). I have some creative painting in mind, involving some extra damage/rust effects on tanks and some chrome "chopper style" suit for bikes. I won't probably be paiting any big freehands on Land Raiders....this time. Later that year I mean to buy LR just for me and to strip it apart to create some overview model with complete custom interior.

Still it's only the first part, I'm waiting for remaining Rhino and one more Attack Bike.
So far only picture of boxes since right now I'm at home and have only basic equipment. I'm hoping to get it out of boxes and to clean parts and get it ready for glue and paint back in Lublin ;)

And as for Christmas touch...one of my favourite English carols about one of our southern neighbours, Czech king Wenceslas :D (slightly off-traditional performance by Irish Rovers from...Canada )


  1. Got your work cut out for you there! Enjoy!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how these come out!

  3. I almost got them glued for most part ;) It's a lot of plastic;)


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