Wednesday 2 February 2011

Harad command vol.2

I had another chance to paint the new version of Harad command group (the previous one can be found here). The sculpts are very nice and the amount of details is also pretty large. Nothing too fancy here but overall I'm pleased with the result.
I also finished painting Suladan - the old version. The new one (kiteman) is pretty terrible in my opinion. I particularly like the dynamic pose of horse and the mask. The pictures are not top notch quality as winter's still in full swing here and days are grey so good lighting is a pipe dream.
The Serpent rider is a final touch in this batch of minis. I've nearly completed my commission, only one mini remaining - mounted Saruman. I've pretty much finished it so I'll be posting an update soon.
I'm currently on a sick leave so I should get a chance to do some work on my own projects (I mean Cryx :) so stay tuned for more.

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