Thursday 17 February 2011

Tools of Trade

I've recently bought some additions to my workbench - two new Army Painter brushes and one spray. So far I've only used black and white primers. Now, since I have several dozens of orcs that await painting i decided to try a brown one. I tried it on half-trolls. i started with a solid layer of black (sprayed them and added black into the recesses with a brush) and lightly sprayed them with brown primer. Not only will it make painting them faster, but also more efficient - by doing so I've already done some very basic highlighting.
As far as the brushes are concerned I still have to try them out. I'm enjoying a two week semester break right now and will be back home next week so it will have to wait until then.
And since this post is devoted to tools, I could think of no other band for the music corner.

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